This is really awkward and trust me I would never have dreamed saying this to you but let bygones be bygones. I am no longer within your grip. You no longer have any say on my decisions.

It’s kind of weird that I have forgiven you, that I no longer want to be in your arms, that I think of you rarely and only with a sad smile of how much time I lost thinking you would change. It’s funny how stupid I was when it came to you. That I defied everyone just to enjoy you.

My heart no longer leaps when I see you and you can never know how grateful I am to time that I no longer cry over you. The wounds are gone and the self esteem you walked on is back. The long face is gone. It’s just amazing to be happy again.

We met and you looked surprised. The glow I had lost is back, the body that you once insulted is great. The smile that used to freeze once you came to sight didn’t freeze. The pleading eyes that used to wish you took me back are now smiling. The hair you wanted shaved is back, black and amazing.

So today your turning  was met with a genuine smile. I no longer ache when I see you. Then it seems to hit you that I am no longer your puppet.  That I would no longer dance to your tune. And you tried to get my attention. You tried to insult the awesome guy who held my hand by asking me out and saying that we were good together.

Well, you took me for granted. You ignored my calls and even my pleas to you to let me be yours. Now please let me be happy. Accept that I love someone else. Soothe your ego dear ex, because I know you don’t love me, you just don’t want to think that I am happy without you. That I glow and stare at another man with my lovely eyes, a  look that was reserved for you. Forget we even had anything because this current guy dear ex, is my match from above.
P.s dear ex, next time try harder not to flinch when I withdraw my hand from yours and say I am in love but not with you.

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