You probably think you know much about taming a dragon after watching ‘ how to tame a dragon ‘, but trust me you know absolutely nothing and can do nothing especially if the dragon is your sister. Well, she might not look exactly like one and she of course doesn’t fly but she definitely does spit fire when she is mad.

Allow me to describe my sister; she is younger than me and way beautiful than I will ever be. She has this great hair which is rare to my African origin and instead of letting it grow she keeps it short and continually makes fun of my kinky one. She has one dimple and is well built for her age and when she likes someone, she is all charming. Unluckily, she doesn’t like me that much. She also has this look of pure innocence, you remember the one dragons have when they aren’t disturbed?? Well, that one and most people will defend her if she puts it on even when she is on the wrong.

When we are for holidays, we have to share house chores and she doesn’t understand why I am the one giving out duties while she is freaking six years younger than me. She gives me this ‘ one day I will be older than you’ look and I enjoy it totally. My mum simply sits back and watches us.
My sister decides she will do whatever her chore is at her own time yet I want her to do this and get done with. She simply sits there despite that I asked her nicely to carry out her chore and am so mad at her.
I ran to mum fuming and tell her I will simply beat up my sister and my mum not wanting to take sides simply tells me
‘ go beat up a seventeen year old who is your sister.. funny. You will fight and please let me have my peace if you are beaten up. Don’t come complaining that you are older’
Whaat?? Is she supporting her? She must be the dragon mother.
I walk away. I don’t even know why I want my sister to do her chore that exact moment but please, she is supposed to obey.
I can’t confront her because I know I will end up being spit on real hot fire or she will simply sulk and do nothing about it,  so I simply quit.
I have totally given up when one of my classmates calls me and we talk for long. It’s a guy and since my sister does want to know my boyfriend, I walk immediately to her sounding excited

‘ Kui you got to wash the house. My boyfriend is coming over with a few friends’ .

I cross my fingers and wait for her reaction. She smiles and gets off her seat and starts washing the house. I won that one, I will deal with the consequences of lying but the house is already clean. 🙂

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