Community week had me visit Kawangware slums for a flowers planting in a certain small school. I don’t have many friends in the club that we went with and I didn’t bother to make any.
We worked hard and I enjoyed it having been born and raised in a farm. Everyone had friends and you know how crazy campuserians can get. They kept talking till I thought my head would burst. I noted I was concentrating too much on other people’s chats when some guy struck a conversation with me. Normally I am a pathetic listener and to cover it up, I nod and smile throughout the conversation and surprisingly people buy it until I nod at a question, then they realize I wasn’t paying much attention. This guy was interesting though and I surprised myself when I found out that I was actually listening. We talked about everything and nothing in particular; the stereotype of women’s name, family, sunset,  sunrise, blogging and what games we played. Hours flew by really fast and we were back to school really fast. I had made myself a friend.
The following day, we headed to another slum and I did meet my friend there. We didn’t talk as much and trust me I found myself putting on my listening act until the guy who was talking to me gave up and left. I sat back and observed people play and ran out to see the old train pass by the slum. It was overloaded since the fare is only a quarter of the bus fare from Nairobi.

As we left, the guy did catch up with me and I actually had someone I could listen to. It was on Friday and I had to go home instead of going back to school. As I alight from the school bus to catch another bus home, I discovered that my guy actually uses the same route as me. Instead of boarding a bus immediately, we decided to walk for some distance and talk. This guy is crazy and has lived way too much than his age and I find myself hanging on every word that he tells me. He is darn funny and jokingly says that he is going to take coffee for supper. Who does that? I board a bus at 8 p.m. which is a surprise to me. Time does fly.

The weekend drags itself by and when it’s up I go back to school. I am obviously eager to hang out with the new guy and we meet on Monday. We could hang around school then walk in town later, just that the lights go off and we decide to walk to town after all. What is usually a long walk is really short and we go ways anyway then chat later in the night. This was fun.

For the last one month, it has been hanging out and talking non stop. Laughing with and at him as he tells me a story on how he was hit on by a gay guy. Making fun of him saying that that gay guy thought he would make a superb wife then falling asleep after lunch. Walking in town with our friend Lydiah and watch them as they make fun of each other and listening to his romantic view of a relationship. This guy is a real sweetheart.
Today when we met, I am all excited that I am sitting my final exam in campus in a week’s time. He is also sitting an exam, just that it isn’t final. I am sad that this maybe the last hangout we will have maybe forever or in campus because the upcoming week will be busy and  after exams I will be leaving Nairobi and if the general service unit  accepts my cadet application,  I will be in the army for sometime. So today I feel like it’s the closing of a very interesting chapter and am sad about it but I will survive.

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