My brother recently got married. I don’t know whether it’s legal or maybe soon he will be taken in for abduction but on the brighter side I hope that the poor girl is above eighteen. In my culture, once you move in with your boyfriend in the suburban areas, you are considered married and parents then have to meet and discuss what will follow. Now that is how my brother got married.

My brother is utterly stupid and how he managed to get that girl to move in with him I don’t know. He is a great guy though who thinks of himself way handsome than he really is and constantly mocks me on my looks whereas I know am better looking.
He was very happy and he sent me the photos of the couple and being awesome I sent him this great congratulatory message

‘ wow! Sam am so happy for you. Can you please tell mum that you got yourself a girl so that she can stop praying and worrying that you might die single or she might have to pay me to find you a wife.
Congratulations anyway and this would the wrong time to tell me that one of your friends found you that girl and brought her to your house. ‘.

My brother though is such an ingrate and I don’t even know why I tried being nice to him. Just to confirm that, this is what I got back

‘ really sister? We both know who the family is worried about. Mum wouldn’t stop fasting and I had to join in so that you get a guy who has poor eyesight to marry you so he wouldn’t note how ugly you are. ‘
There.. who wants such a brother?. Anyway, I will let this one pass and just wish my stupid brother the best. That he may always fight to stay and not to let go of that amazing woman who captured his heart. That he may find happiness and find it in abundance. That the Lord may bless them and grant them the desires of their heart.

To my brother, congratulations and I still hate you.
Btw, I will be there anytime to help with what might make you guys work.


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