Friday evening
My roommate just left looking amazing with very strong perfume.
My friends are all held up and the hall is almost empty.
My light is switched off and all I have is my phone and my thoughts.
I would go to the rooftop to watch the city but then I am not in the mood.
I would go out and maybe have some fast food but then I don’t want to be all alone in the city where everybody isn’t alone
Where everybody has that smell of friday on them, that stupid grin that the weekend has finally kicked off.
I don’t want to sound pathetic but then I am. The only invitations I got are from people I would rather not hang around with because you see dear diary, I don’t drain my fears in beer, wine, rum or the cheap campus liquor that they do. I don’t derive my happiness from that either and my weekend is perfect without any alcohol.
I know I get the advice that I should have fun when in campus but then dear diary, is getting drunk fun? I don’t want to wake up with the stench of cheap liquor on me, neither do I want to wake up with a throbbing headache.
Seriously dear diary, I really really don’t want to wake in the same bed with a guy I know nothing about. I don’t want to undress before people in my stupor then hide my face for the rest of the week. You remember the girl Julie who did that, right?
So dear diary, you are the only friend I have today and maybe it’s time I found myself a good movie and fall asleep on you before the movie ends.
Goodnight dear diary.

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