It’s really annoying when a relative complains that they had to hear from other people that someone in your family died whereas it’s supposed to be a family member to inform them.
I know it really hurts to find out through rumors that someone close to you died but well, live with it. It’s not that you are hated or people have something against you it’s just that we don’t send burial invitations.
The moment we get the news, all the close relatives panic and it’s only the few strong ones who will have the guts and energy to inform people and you have to agree with me, they don’t know every family member plus they aren’t in their right mind. It could be also that not many people want to deal with your drama or reactions and emotions once you hear the news. You maybe really fragile and maybe people want you to hear the rumor first so that when you hear the news first you will kind of be prepared.
Talking of reactions and emotions, trust me I will be the last person to break any sad news to my mum. Her reaction will kill you in place of the bad news.
What would we write if we sent out burial invitations? This is my ideal sample
Dear relative
I hope you are well.
We are sorry to inform you that Winfred passed on on … date
We would be glad if you availed yourself for her final send off in… place.
Be strong. The Lord giveth and the Lord hath taken away.
And now everybody would live in fear of opening cards or mail.

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