It’s expected that when you get to my age, you have either a stable boyfriend or at least you are seeing someone who has potential according to society’s standards.
Now I think it’s high time we called my mum and tell her that her daughter is clearing campus in a month’s time and she feels
Younger than she is
She is seeing no guy and most
Of her dates she runs away literally from the guys
Just yesterday she was freaking
Out after a guy thought she could make a good wife
It’s high time she was informed that her precious daughter hasn’t held on to any relationship for more than two months for a very long time
And she thinks it’s a waste of time to stay in a relationship for more than one year
She hoped that a guy she really liked would make an effort to get in a relationship just that he didn’t.
She hoped that a guy she really didn’t like would go away just that he keeps reappearing.
What kind of love life is this now?? I actually think it doesn’t deserve that name. Sometimes when my parents are so worried that I might be out with the wrong guy, I can’t help but laugh just imagining how shocked they would be if they realized that their crazy daughter spends 80% of her free weekend playing badminton or tennis and the remainder sleeping.
They would really feel worried to know that I am not feeling like committing to any guy soon and I am hoping to maybe join the general service unit cadets if they don’t need me to run. Now that is something they don’t need to know.
They would be so mad if they knew instead of reading for my exam, I am reading abnormal psychology and enjoying it immensely.
That’s kind of the crappy life I am in right now.. is there anything like almost mid twenties life crisis? I think that’s what I am suffering from

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