Waking up isn’t one of my strengths especially when I sleep past midnight
I suddenly wake up and it’s already 9 a.m. and I could have sworn someone cut short my night
I have to be in class by 11 which would have been easy if I was in my small campus room but I am not
I rush to take breakfast, take a shower, brush my teeth all in like forty minutes and rush out to catch a matatu. One of those
That breaks all traffic rules so that
I can be in school in time
My shoes are muddy and almost
One of the straps is almost cut
Because it’s muddy and in
My rush I had forgotten it rained yesterday in the evening
I get in the mat and loud music takes me back to when I used
To commute to school
I used to love it. Partially sleepy Nairobians, the mixture of perfumes and smoke
Some stale some fresh
I used to love watching people fall asleep immediately they sat on the bus seats
I used to smile at people who in their rush forgot their bus fare
And how the ruthless conductors
Handled them.
Call me crazy but I used to love
Getting in a row when the guy
Collecting fare couldn’t get my change/ balance
The music in these buses
The breeze when I sat by the window
The driver taking all the wrong routes to avoid traffic
And finally getting to school late
So the three hours lecture looked shorter
I don’t know why I picked a room in campus but I loved the hustle everyday.

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