Many trends are changing in today’s society. People are trying to break away from the various superstitions and social norms but still it is hard to convince the people, mostly the male generation, which the girl child is not less important than the boy child. This belief of inferiority has resulted to discrimination at home and in the workplace. The truth is, though the girl child may be weaker emotionally; it doesn’t mean she does not have superior characteristics. Many Christians have been using the bible to support the concept that a girl is inferior but my question is what happened to ‘we are all equal in the eyes of God?’ Haven’t we come across several women who were leaders in the bible, the likes of Deborah in the book of Judges? Has a woman no other place other than in the kitchen and nurturing her children? Submission, which the society has been wrongly interpreting as slavery, is expected from the married women. The scripture that says all both partners should submit to one another in love has long been forgotten as the society insists that women should submit to their husband. Is this really the right attitude towards women? Miles Munroe said it best; a woman wasn’t made from the feet to be stepped on, nor from the head to rule over the man, but from his rib so that she can work alongside him.

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