I am walking in downtown with my friend. I have my earphones on and have to keep feeling  for my phone just in case  a pick pocket found their way into my pocket. A bunch of street boys appear and one takes hold of my hand and I try to shake it off. I turn and try to tell him off which he laughs and asks ‘ nisoiacha sista utafanya?’
(If I don’t let go of it sister what are you gonna do? )

I am walking around the market with my girlfriends. Then some sellers pull my friend with them and we have to follow her because we can’t fight back.

Just yesterday as we were headed towards the badminton hall parklands,  a random guy came and hugged me. I was so surprised that i simply stood there. Then he stood there with a wicked smile as if expecting me to challenge him.

In class we all are from different backgrounds. When one guy annoyingly spoke loudly in his mother tongue and a group of girls asked him to shut up, he asked girls to come up and fight him if they were that annoyed by him.

Such are the few incidences I have to stand as a woman. I feel that men are misusing their muscles and under using their brains. As girl I at times feel abused and taken advantage of. As a girl I feel that if I was stronger then I would have fought back physically and made a man feel as insulted as I sometimes feel as a girl

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