I am feeling elated today because I most likely manage to skip training and will have time to learn a few things on either girls or traditions.
I am a Kikuyu of Kenya and my mum tells me the only reason that maybe kept her from getting pregnant before she got married is how such a case was handled.
Once a girl who wasn’t married showed signs of pregnancy, it was considered a shame to her family. Strict parents who won’t let it pass would have to go to the council of elders which was the court then to have it settled.
Before this though, an auntie was sent to ask the girl if she really was pregnant. Once she admitted, then she had to say who the father was. If the guy denied or said he had no interest, the case was taken to the council of elders who were old men and maybe one or two women. If the guy persisted that he didn’t want the kid or a wife, then the questions got really personal.
Was it forced? That was to the girl. If she said no, then both of them would be asked who undressed first. If it was the woman, then it is taken that she seduced the guy. If they undressed each other, then they would have give a vivid description of what happened.. like we met, took supper, went to his room, he touched me or she touched me… bla bla bla..

Am not that lucky to skip training today. Anyway, that is how a guy got to get an unwanted wife or got to get away with the act of impregnating a girl in my culture.

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