It is the beginning of the semester and we are all hopping from one class to the other in order to avoid a demanding selective unit. Towards the French class, we meet a few friends and our attention is diverted to the moral issues class which apparently everybody passes. I position myself and decide not to take down any notes but take out the notebook anyway. I am not paying much attention and we are busy passing notes until something the lecturer says catches my attention,
“Getting rid of that fetus from your body is simply like having something that you do not want removed from your body. Most of the times, people are operated on and growth removed because it is unwanted. What is the big deal if the growth is an undeveloped baby?’
I can’t help and wince at this statement and my mind drifts off class when the lecturer proceeds to another topic; prostitution. What crawls in my mind is that statement that all girls get when they start dating from their mothers ‘abortion doesn’t make you a girl, it makes you the mother if a dead baby ‘. It is in the twenty first century when all the control measures of pregnancy are easily available and the picture I have in mind are those cartons with the G.O.K label that are full of free condoms. There are several family planning methods of keeping away from an unwanted pregnancy unless one was raped and held captive for more than seventy two hours. Why get pregnant if you do not want the baby? As I think of this, my heart goes out to all the women in the world that are struggling to get babies and those women whose survival depends on termination of the pregnancy that some of them wanted to keep so bad.
In Kenya, abortion isn’t legal except in medical emergency cases. Why people risk committing a felony, I do not understand. Abortion has a lot of negative health effect. Research shows that those women who have had an abortion have 138 percent higher risk of mental health problems than those who have not. If not carried out by a professional, abortion can lead to death and if some piece of that fetus is left in the womb, women can suffer serious damage. Abortion may not affect subsequent pregnancies but research show that there is the possibility of; vaginal breeding during early pregnancy, premature birth, low birth weight and placenta problems such as retained placenta after one has had an abortion.
As I walk out of class, my mind is made up that abortion is a no go zone for any self conscious woman no matter how anybody lightly views it.