Today is a very good day and am all smiles because I am having very stupid thoughts.
Hoping that my parents never get wind on this, I can’t help what would happen if I got myself an Indian boo. Firstly I would be so proud of myself because I am would be sure that my offspring would have that amazing hair.
Secondly, this is the most interesting part; dowry. My parents have always told me how they will be happy when the bride price comes. Now, imagine the look on their faces when I tell them to start saving up for my dowry. My brothers keep saying that they are lucky they have a sister who is almost of age to get married and have always waited to marry off their sister. Wait until I introduce who I am thinking of.

The wedding part is the most interesting. We are used to a simple one day ceremony, a pastor and a church as opposed to is it five days the Indian way??

Today is a good day and I will keep thinking of what would happen if I got married to an Indian so that I can keep smiling.:)

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