African parents are great parents especially mothers. They will carry you on their back when you are young and when you are old enough to walk but aren’t feeling well. You will fall asleep on a chair and wake up in a bed. They will sleep hungry just to have their kid eat and be comfortable. They make sacrifices to secure their kids future. They will stop indulging in anything fun to make money to have their kids well and I am proud to be born here. However, there is one part of life that we are left to find out for ourselves; sex.

When I was young and my neighbors son started showing interest in me, I got closest to a sex talk. My mother gave a warning that was unique to that situation ‘ men are not to mess around with ‘.

They never actually tell us that one day a guy will want to have sex with you or one day you will want to have sex with a guy. You are never told that you might act in a leading way or that the talk you listen to and the people you hang around might influence how you think. Of course we get warnings on being in the wrong company but rarely will the warning be associated with sex or sexual behavior.

As I grew up I knew one main reason as to why I should avoid sex is pregnancy. My mum kept reminding me that I wasn’t brought up by my grandma so she wouldn’t bring up her grandchild that is my child. When I think of it, I can’t help wonder if  a child is the worst that can happen if you have sex.
It’s not only our parents who don’t want to discuss sex which is part of us. Some people who are in relationships don’t discuss sex life. What they think of it, when the right time is, do they want a child or not and so many other issues and leaves me wondering is the topic too sensitive while the real action isn’t?

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