I alight somewhere in downtown and start walking towards school. I am from a friend’s and though I am making an effort to keep walking, I feel like the ground beneath is sinking. The pain on my head is excruciating. My eyes are watery and to hide that I have my sunglasses which do not help very much. I cross the roads carefully by sticking next to a woman who from her look thinks I am a con woman and tries to shake me off by quickening her pace but it doesn’t work.

Soon as I am on the other side, I let the woman out of my sight and walk slowly along the street willing all my strength to get me safely back to my bed. The pain in my head persists and my vision is blurred. I am working hard to concentrate on the steps I am taking and I can hear myself curse the busy city people who push me when trying to get past me.

I can see the street kid with his tin of glue stuck firmly in his mouth eyeing me and I clutch my handbag tightly hoping that the sunglasses are doing a good work of creating an illusion of confidence and strength. I raise my sagging shoulders and put on a brave face and as I try to dodge him, I get to a street novels vendor.  I like reading Torey Hayden’s novels and the Ghost Child catches my eye. I feel a bit dizzy and the vendor notes it as I support myself on his arm. Determined not to look weak, I lean forward to pick  the book and the ground finally gives way. I feel myself grope for support and get nothing. I let out a scared sound and feel myself hit the ground hard.

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