As I try to run from hard selective units, I find myself in a moral issues class simply because my friends said that we would get free A’s. I sit bored and keep hoping that the lecturer doesn’t appear, just that he does when I am just about to fall asleep. He doesn’t introduce himself but simply starts on abortion.

‘ what is abortion? One is said to have aborted if they get rid of a foetus’..he pauses and gives us time to write that down which most of us don’t. He then introduces the topic on legalizing abortion and invites contributions from the students and nobody makes an effort to comment. When he asks whether we support it, almost everyone shouts no.

‘ you know, I don’t know why it shouldn’t be legalized. When you have an unwanted growth on your body, you are free to have it removed. The government doesn’t term that as illegal. However when you have an unwanted baby in you, no big deal about it. Simply have it removed ‘  he says with finality.

I have been termed as one resistant to change but this time round I couldn’t believe it that someone was trying to convince us to be part of this. With all the family control methods, why would anyone get pregnant only to abort? Unless they are in a critical health condition and their life depended on it.  Abortion has negative health effects, both physical and mental. Any self conscious woman should at no point support abortion or be part of it. And as I write this, my heart goes out to all women who wanted a baby badly only to have the pregnancy terminated so that they could survive and all those women who want babies but can’t have any.

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