Meeting you first was an honor
Because you had all I wanted
You had more of everything
Than I could ever have in my life.
I looked up to you with admiration
I had a new idol

You walked past me, as if I never existed
You had your own to hang out with
And when you were informed I was up against you
You gave me a disgusted look
How could they waste your time??

I walked out humiliated, you enjoyed that I had no skills in my defense
You enjoyed the look on my face
You smiled at my humiliation

One year flew by and we met again
This time you took note of me
You realized I had grown better
That didn’t stop you though
From verbal insult, from that scornful look
When you were set against me,
You had already won
By pulling down my esteem..

Years go by fast, for yesterday I met you
You were still the same
But you made a mistake of thinking I am the same

Your scornful look was met by a smile
Your insults by a raised eyebrow
You should have seen the look on your face, when I plugged in earphones
And walked away from your insults

Oh dear proud one, what happened to the skills?
You walked with the same posture
But your smile wasn’t that visible
The young girl you always walked on was no more
And you lost in what you prided yourself for being best at.

You may still be too proud but I no longer care
It’s okay I didn’t learn from you
For I would have ended like you
Proud and insensitive

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