My friends and I are walking towards class and they are making fun if guys. One of my friends however makes a comment on how guys treat girls well when they want them to fall for them either for genuine reason or for selfish intentions..
As we discuss this, we all agree on something that most of the Kenyan men have in common ; when they have a girl’s heart, the really nice treatment is withdrawn.
‘ when you are chasing a hen, you keep running. When you get it though, you can’t keep running. ‘ one of my friends say and we all burst out. Did she just compare women to chicken?? Well, like it or not, most men do treat women thus. The good treatment is used as bait and most women fall for it. They end up in the wrong hands most times and realize that way too late. Men will treat women well because they want to spoil them, but shouldn’t be trusted and anybody who thinks only treats are a basis for a relationship might end up loving wrong.

As we walk towards class, the topic shifts to those women who are in love with a guy who has no interest in them and we all agree that it really is not fun to love and not be loved back. It feels wrong and it really does hurt especially if that guy says that in your face. I don’t know how it works but at times I think our hearts are stupid organs. We do not have a choice on who we fall for and sometimes we know it’s all wrong. We feel ourselves tripping and watch ourselves fall hard yet we can’t help it. It amuses me how everyone has an ideal partner in their head and their hearts decide to mock them by picking the direct opposite of their ideal. They simply end up loving all wrong.

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