It’s around 11:30 p.m. and my friend and I part ways. He gets a bus and I have to walk across town to the other side which is school. It always mesmerize me how much life there is in the city even in these weird hours of the night having been brought up in a quiet village.

I plug in my earphones and walk hurriedly along Kenyatta avenue.  It’s already 12a.m. and the street girls are becoming more bold. They lean suggestively on the cars packed outside ‘simmers’ and flaunt their beautiful skins for anybody who wants to have a look. I walk past them hurriedly and one of them catches my eye.
Relax, I have no sexual interest in her whatsoever, she is just leaning against the wall smoking silently looking so lost. My heart goes out to her and would have talked to her were it not for the guy who stopped his car and beckoned at her. She hurriedly puts the cigar off, gives me one last look and gets into the car.

I scroll down my playlist and select my favorite song ‘ you are not alone if you are lonely…. ‘ and walk towards campus, the image of that girl planted in my mind.

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