Dear girls

so much has happened that if I was to write on this, I would write a novel. I hope that the good Lord is gracious to me and let me see next Valentine’s. May you will all read novel. If you missed it, go ahead and read.
With Valentine’s day approaching, I can’t help thinking of the so many girls who will be waiting for a present and will get none. You may think that I am writing this because I expect a present but you are absolutely wrong because as I have been told several times my compatibility with normal guys is as low as it can get so am passing all Valentine’s until I meet my match ; a weirdo like me.
You may be chatting with a guy or texting or ( heavens forbid) sleeping with him whereas that guy has no real interest in you. I have made the mistake of thinking that a guy has interest in me so many times that I lost count of how many times I end up being disappointed. These guys have even said on my face that they love me but well, their actions are way louder. At times I find myself blaming my looks, don’t get me wrong though ; I know I look great, nice body, beautiful face , I am funny and creative but I tend to think that guys mistake me for a very stupid person or otherwise enlighten me, why on earth would a guy say they love me and only call me when they feel like or simply keep disappearing and then coming back with no apologies?
Girls you know the list and I would go on until I forget why I started writing this,  for starters.
These are several and most obvious signs that you are just his booty call
He only calls and texts randomly and doesn’t keep the conversation going no matter how enthusiastic you try to sound. Having been raised in a family of five brothers, trust me on this. He texts thus because he is bored and has nothing to entertain him. You are like a t.v. to him.
He wants sex and you say no, he gets mad and walks away or tries to make you feel guilty about it. A guy who is really into you considers you worth waiting for or even respects your decision
He doesn’t want to spend time with you when you want him to. Well, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.
He keeps mentioning that the two of you are friends. Take that as a hint because any guy who is into you will say you are his girl.
He never answers questions directly like when you ask how his day was, he simply says he was lazing around with friends. Watch out for this kind
He doesn’t ask how you are faring or how your family is. The best he can come up with is what are you wearing? When can I see you?  He has no interest in your projects or how your day was and anything else that a girl wants to share with her guy
He will never introduce you to his friends and you know generally nothing about him.
The indicators are so obvious it’s just that you are too engrossed trying to catch his attention to note that he isn’t that into you.
A guy who doesn’t get out of his comfort zone to make you happy doesn’t deserve you because we are girls and we deserve the best.
I might not be an expert in relationships but I do know that any guy who dumps you just before Valentine’s is a scum bag and has never deserved you. If that happens, waste no tears crying of unworthy chaps who are way below your league.
If the guy you date is in any of the categories, please lower your expectations and spare yourself the disappointment.

Ps you can add on the list and save a girl a heartbreak.

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