Lucky in a track

It is around 5 p.m. in machakos Kenya and all the teams are done with their games. Most of us are starving yet we can’t do anything about it. The racquet games ladies are exhausted because apart from playing against several teams and winning, the organizers had refused to hand us the trophy simply because our games tutor is nowhere to be found. We actually created a scene to get the badminton trophy before some other university with fake results claimed it.

Apart from being hungry, we have a student with a broken nose and we are sleepy. We have a netball player who we had to borrow for pads from other students in the University we are in which has a funny name. Now you are wondering how disorganised we are but actually, stop judging us. It all started yesterday when we were dropped in a strange town at around 11p.m and we didn’t know that our tutor is a backstabbing son of a goat. The rooms he was to book for us, he had allowed them to be taken and didn’t say a word about it. When we were dropped we thought we were just going out to eat then go to rooms. When we assembled at the bus, the driver told us to hurriedly pick our stuff he wants to go and sleep. Our tutor had walked out on us. We pick our bags and start walking up and down in a strange town asking for rooms and immediately the residents realised we were new. Weird guys started following us with suggestions that we go and sleep at their houses. Mark you, this is the University ladies team that I am with and when twelve a.m. finds us out, I am sure we were going to sleep out and miss out the games. Being imaginative, I also think that my parents will be called when my dead body is found and they will be shocked because they think I am safe in my small campus room in Nairobi.
We walk for another few minutes and we finally find some empty rooms. That was lucky of us but we are so many of us ,so to fit into the rooms, we have to sleep four people in the same bed. When morning came, I am more tired than I was when we went to bed.

This morning we had an intense quarrel with the tutor and he almost slapped one of us. When we parted ways to our games venues, he was really mad  at  us and we threatened to lose every game we played but then we are too proud. Come lunchtime, our bus which had all our supplies and bags was gone. We went back to our venues hungry and scorched by the sun, sleepy and tired. Now it is five. I am sleepy and hungry. The sun is gone and the rain is threatening. The gods are against us. We have no money. I am in my sketchy sport skirt and so are all the other ladies. We have no sweaters or anything. When the rains start pouring, the bus appears and we are all too beat to even talk.

When we settle in and hope we are setting off to Nairobi, we realize our tutor is drunk. The driver, is even more drunk. We have to spend another night in this God forsaken town.

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