As I write this, I feel darn insulted because apart from having a hectic day, I have realized that I have a more serious stalker than I would have imagined. To make it worse, I do not seem to remember ever meeting him anywhere.

Just a few days ago when I was jogging around the main campus football pitch a certain guy approached me. I thought it was someone who wanted a jogging partner so I didn’t even listen to what he was saying, I simply told him we can jog together and I didn’t mind. Being a pathetic listener, I didn’t pay much attention until he said something about Rose. You wonder why that caught my attention, well, Rose is my usual partner in jogging because I am too lazy to jog alone.
‘ what bout Rose??’ I ask.
‘ oh, you were not listening,’ he says getting annoyed and I wonder what I missed. He then goes ahead to say how he likes me and knows that I am good girl who he can take to his mother. Don’t take me wrong, being girl, that should be a compliment but I laugh out loud and that sets the guy off. He clearly has issues if he thinks he can take me to his mum. My friends say I will need a special guy sent for me because honestly I am spoiled, rude and utterly sarcastic. Not to mention that i like having my own way.

This guy though doesn’t understand why I am laughing and he goes ahead to say the many times he has watched me play. Now this is shocking not only because I  haven’t ever seen him but because he knows I play badminton and tennis which aren’t played in the same pitch. He knows I jog with Rose and he knows when I wasn’t in the field. He knows there were days I just went to watch my friends play tennis and when I went jogging with someone else apart from Rose. Surprisingly, he knows that I have a guy friend in the American football team who I have only spoken to twice.

When he is done talking, it is me who is worried. I want to go away from the field and not meet him again. When he finally says he saw me on a Sunday morning coming from another campus, I am sure I have a stalker in my hands. I only went to that campus once and I remember walking alone early in the morning towards central police and the way was clear. I saw nobody.

When this guy asks for my number, I hurriedly give it to him and walk away. I simply quit jogging and last week when I tried to resume guess who I first bumped into at the tennis pitch..

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