Dear guys,

I know you know I don’t like you much and yet I hope to find a good one amongst you. You know I would rather you speak the truth rather than waste my time listening to crap that some of you think will impress a girl. Well, some of you I must give credit because you appreciate women and respect them ;yet some of you continually insult us thinking that you are a gift to women.

I am not known as a party pooper but I will tell you to get over yourself. Women are no longer stupid, we have evolved very much. We know when you are trying to fool us and sometimes it doesn’t take that long to realize you are after our bodies. I would highly appreciate if you simply came up to me and said you like my body, because then I will be kind enough to say thank you and walk away with my head high but the crap of calling a woman up and saying you love them because you of her physicality is an insult and it does make me wonder where your dictionary went wrong in differentiating between love and lust. I am a good Christian and love doesn’t come easy. I am a woman and I know when I am being taken for a fool. Don’t try to pull that I love you joke on me. It is irritating and it will bounce back right into your face. Go compose a better approach. Men I hope we have a deal here. My Swahili says ‘ tuheshimiane’ [let there be mutual respect].

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4 Replies to “Dear guys,”

  1. Oooooouuucchhhhh!!! Hurts to know you ”don’t like me much”. But maybe you are right; yesterday a senior colleague lecturer told me a story of how his sister is virtually “destroyed” because of a heartless man. But, few minutes after, another friend told me a story of how his ‘uncivilized’ sister was glorified by another man.

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