Let it go

When we get into relationships with someone that we really love, we give our all as women or girls and I say this from experience. We make sacrifices just to keep the relationship strong and at times lower our standards or even expectations just to keep the relationship going. When most guys have the girl’s heart, just a few will appreciate while others will take advantage of that.

In the book Nights of Rains and Stars, a character named Fiona stands up for her boyfriend, goes against her parents will all in the name of defending her love, Shane. When she falls pregnant with his baby, she breaks news to him when he isn’t as sober and he hits her leading to her fall and she looses the baby. You would imagine she will walk away but she blames herself for breaking the news to him when he is drunk. This girl isn’t willing to let go of that guy and she even borrows money to bail him out of jail ( which he ended up in for hitting her). One may think that this is strange whereas it isn’t. Women make excuses for guys who hit them, who cheat on them, who disrespect them and stick around with the hope that the guy will someday change which I will assure them will never happen.

Some of these women have their esteem ruined and they think they can’t get any other guy interested so they hold on to the relationship.  Some of them do not want to start over and some of them do not want to face the reality that he picked another girl over her. Whatever the excuse, these women just want to stick around even when they know they are chasing the wind.

One of the best step in letting go is facing reality. Whatever it is, it happened and there no reversing it. Girls  should remind themselves that they deserve better, that they look great and any guy would be lucky to have them. They should keep looking their best so as compliments aren’t solely from the guy. In trying to let go, a girl should surround herself with friends who are supportive and family who makes them feel loved.  Letting go takes time and sometimes one will need a strong will not to call the guy or text so one should indulge in activities that they enjoy to keep away from the temptation. Sometimes one will need to convince themselves that the guy she was dating is a complete moron and that she was blind not to have noted it. Forgiving someone helps in letting go of the bad memories and holding on to the good memories.
Keep the distance if you know you will give in to visiting and take all the  time you need to build up your self esteem up again. Be patient with yourself and be strong a girl and learn to let go.

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