Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is one of the sayings that leaves me wondering what the real definition of beauty is. I grew up like any other girl knowing that good looks were the definition of beauty. I also grew up believing that only ugly women did well in school because they had no boys to disturb them thanks to my brother who kept telling me how ugly I was. Most of us girls believe that the definition of beauty is great hair, firm breasts and butt, red or pink lips and for the most misguided think that being light skinned means they are beautiful.  I would say that we have let the society define beauty with looks only. Our idols and fashion icons are those women who are portrayed as being beautiful. And we have let their appearances and looks sway the real definition of beauty.

Most times I watch girls put on very long and ugly weaves and keep them on their heads forever just to hide the kinky African hair. I have nothing against the weaves but I think sometimes girls go through a lot of trouble trying to attain certain looks. Some with fairest of all dark skins go ahead to bleach themselves so as to look lighter including several of the Kenyan socialites. Though it is their skin, I can’t help pity the poor girls. Who said light skin is beauty??

Most times in my teen age, I felt jealous of those dark girls from west of Kenya and I think they are still enviable with that fair dark skins and long graceful necks and I feel really disappointed when any of these girls decides to go light.  Brown girls may think they are beautiful but most aren’t. God simply gave them the color. Imagine of that light girl you know ( not me though) as being dark.. she isn’t as good looking, is she??  If physical attributes define beauty, then black is beautiful and Lupita did show that to the entire world. 

Beauty however doesn’t lie in long hair or full lips or even what people view as beauty only. Beauty to me  is more than that. It is all about being at your best and not over working oneself or even hurting oneself to achieve a certain look. It is about being confident, respecting oneself and maintaining your standards. Not allowing people to trample on you. Beauty involves knowing when to walk away and when to hang around. It’s about not dating on basis of money but on the basis you are loved and respected as a woman. Beauty is holding out a hand to a fallen sister and helping her up. Empowering her to be strong and holding her hand when she is down. Beauty is being strong as a woman, forgiving because you love yourself. Finally, beauty is also respecting and loving oneself before expecting anybody else to love you, believing in oneself, investing in oneself. Beauty involves respecting girls all over the world for in our own way,  we are all beautiful.