We have always been making incomplete plans for something that we could do for fun as a group in our bible study in school and most of the plans never materialize. So when guys suggested we do a movie at Imax, I decided I would do everything to attend this one. As usual, most of the people were busy or pretending so to avoid spending that amount on a movie that they had most likely watched. As for me, I spent approximately two hours convincing my sister to give me the cash because parting with my two hundred was a challenge.
That worked for me and I hurried to meet the group but was a bit lost when Billy instead of telling me that they were at KEMU he told me to meet them at Phoenix.

Guys weren’t that excited but Maureen kept a big smile on her face and Dorcas walked faster than me. We got to phoenix and trust me we never knew where the tickets were at so we simply handed Billy the cash and sat down. He however ended up at the popcorn till and had to find his way to tickets till. We got the tickets and a few people decided to get either soda or popcorn but they withdrew immediately when they found out that they were thrice the normal price. So we went in with nothing , luckily for me I had some water.

The movie was Taken 3 and I was watching it for the second time but compared to my phone’s screen, the Imax one was a bit bigger. Trailer after trailer for the next fifteen minutes was what we sat looking at and I could tell that guys were getting fidgety and someone even said the movie was over.

We relaxed after some few minutes though, when the real deal started. It was an okay movie and funny when someone said that the guys on the screen were bigger than us. And it was actually true. Leaving the hall everybody looked smaller to me and I was happy I had spent the two hundred until the next day when I realized how broke I was. I wasn’t going to call my sister though. It was my dad’s turn.