A girl ought and should be educated. By no chance should she be discriminated against in whatever aspect, least of all education. Someone once said, ‘ educate a man and you educate an individual. Educate a girl and you educate the community ‘ .

There are many advantages of educating a girl yet she goes uneducated most times in African communities. In Arab states, Central, southern and western Asia the reason the girl isn’t educated is because she is viewed as one who should grow up and simply get married. In African communities, the girl is viewed as in Arab states but this is also coupled by the high levels of poverty. Parents who are poor would rather take their son to school rather than the girl. They argue that the girl is most likely to get pregnant before completing school and those who complete school, end up getting married into another family thus in both cases, the parents investment is lost.

Most times I tend to think that the parents are simply biased because upon educating their son, they expect him to marry someone’s daughter who has at least basic education. Being an African girl born of the village, I hear most of my relatives and friends tell my mother of how much loss she is going to feel when I clear school and get married into another family.

I sit back though and  think of the many parents who have invested all that they have got in their sons education and once he is employed, he concentrates on making a family and investing in his own family and rarely pays a visit to his parents.
Call me biased but I think that most girls will visit their parents and offer support more often than the boys. Girls tend to be more sensitive and caring towards their parents and it would be wise to arm them with education so that they can have a source of income rather than depending on their husbands for money to support the parents who took her education for granted.

It is a shame that some of the male parents refer to their daughter’s education as expensive due to her needs that can’t be ignored like pads.  However much it is going to cost a parent, the girl child is easier to mold and invest in. It is a wise choice and letting her know she has the support of a parent whenever she needs it is essential.
The heart of a girl is easy to get, her desire to excel is easy to unlock, just show faith in her.

(As a girl, when I wanted to quit school due to adolescence issues and teenage superiority complex, I always thought of my father who put so much faith in me and who not even a single day ever doubted my ability to achieve and  I couldn’t stomach the idea of disappointing him by  dropping out)

Investing in a girl is wise. We should all try it.