Before I start writing on how bad men are, I will acknowledge that there are a few good men out there who are most likely taken. My father is one of the few good men that I know for sure and he always made me think that men are supposed to be nice and caring until I hit the real world.
I realized that majority of the men think of girls in terms of sex and sex only. They will not invest any time to know a girl and given a chance they would jump into bed immediately with her. Personally I think of this type of men as way better a type than those who will shamelessly waste a girl’s time and spend time with her and money on her then dump her as soon as she sleeps with him leaving her broken hearted. In today’s world, I no longer know what to think of a guy who asks me out for coffee as opposed to the wrath I  feel when a guy asks me to his house alone.

My friends tell me that men are not to be trusted they can change into animals with the smallest provocation if everything doesn’t go as they wanted it to. They can also turn into a sorry state when they want to manipulate the girl to do what they want. I once knew a case of a guy who became a church goer and a staunch fake Christian just to get the object he wanted from church; a girl.
At times guys think that we are utterly stupid or they think we have no power without them and they can leave and come back into our lives as they want. I have a friend who dated a very good looking guy who chat with her all day and called her every night. He promised that he would marry her after we graduated and we were all jealous of her until when another woman called her claiming she was the main girl. Luckily they became friends and exchanged the texts that the guy was sending to both of them begging to be taken back without knowing that the two ladies were a team. Such guys think that girls have no clue of life and I can’t help getting irritated by this species.
What is wrong with the guys who leave a girl when she is in love with him and crawl back when she is on the verge of moving on then leave again??  What of the guys who impregnate a girl, blame her and suggest termination then leaves only to appear if the child is talented or very bright??
I know girls are all loving and are sometimes disillusioned on our ability to change the guys we love but whatever you take us for, we aren’t weak nor are we sex objects. If you are interested, stick through thick and thin and when you leave, don’t come back to waste our time. We shall hurt and cry for you, but trust me we shall move on