It’s only three days to Valentine’s and I am wondering how I will spend this day that people celebrate love. You see am from taking a long shower after several minutes of working out. With me is a hot cup of lemon water. True to what you think, I am a good looking woman with a well maintained figure yet I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong to spend this Valentine’s in bed, playing badminton or even worse off, with my parents.  Don’t get  me wrong, they are amazing and may even offer a great meal but still, Valentine’s day isn’t parents day.

I wasn’t this planless last week though. I was expecting to spend the day with a guy I liked but that isn’t going to happen because we started off on the wrong footing. Well, it isn’t my fault I look great and trust me the guy was awesome enough to note it and I felt elated.. who doesn’t want to be told they look great??  On the second date, the guy asked to sleep with me; not really sleep, I mean have sex with me. Judge me if you want but I don’t sleep with every Jack and Tom  especially on a second date. I may have the desire to maintain a relationship but I will not go to that extent. I am one old fashioned person plus I tend to believe that for every individual one sleeps with, a piece of oneself is left behind and you carry a piece of that person. And as you can tell, I love myself way too much to be leaving pieces of me everywhere and I don’t want a piece of anyone with me.

There are a lot of guys in school I could go out with, and a friend even wrote on going beyond society’s expectation on a woman and simply give flowers to a guy and ask them out. This is a big no for me because I want to remain a woman within the definition of a woman by the society.
I want to be spoiled, taken out, to chat at weird hours. I want a guy who will go with me to the badminton court and watch me play no matter how bad I play.
I love thinking of myself as a gem and gems are hard to find. People get hurt when trying to find gems.
I want love that is movie like because I bet am the only romantic heart remaining on earth. I want a guy who I can share with how my day was and one who will not judge me on the ten hours I sleep in a day. One who will notice my mind switched off and simply shut up. A guy who will look forward to sitting with me even when I have my earphones on and reading a novel.
Above all I want a guy who will idolize my mum for bringing up an amazing daughter like me ( mark you  am a messy person, cooks flat food mostly and can’t sew) and give her the privilege of walking me down the aisle before making me pregnant.
Since I know I can’t find this in three days, to get to me on Valentine’s, you will have to wake me up