The girl.. girls are easy to hurt, easy to harass yet nothing is as beautiful as a girl.. no single creature is as selfless as a girl, as giving. Girls are the best

the liminal life of m

that girl
when i am quiet
sometimes i still cry
for all the times that girl
died alone

on a cold exam table
with a bladder fit to burst
while a tech with a wand
peers inside her womb
at a beautiful healthy baby
no one wants
she is twenty years old
has been abused or abandoned
by everyone she ever loved
her shame leaves her
alien to love
and even God
has left her

i cry for that girl
who kept trying
kept giving
kept caring
when no one
tried for her
gave to her
cared for her
amazed at her living

she failed
but she kept failing
she still kept breaking

she lived
she gave life
she made life
out of ashes
she made love
out of stones

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