You say I am cold
That I have no emotion
That my eyes are hard
You do say that
My smile is only on my lips
But nowhere near my eyes

You say that I am mean
That nothing seems to touch me
That I can just walk away
Even when you turn to me
And ask for my help

You say that I will burn in hell
That no heart is like mine
That no coldness is like mine
Have you encountered
In your so many years

But I want to remind you
That you molded me into this
That you worked so hard
Aren’t you happy you succeeded
To get this indifferent being?
Whose emotions you can’t see

Remember when I was a kid
When I idolized you?
When I would have given up
Everything to see you smile?
Remember when you told me
You would teach me something new
When I didn’t question
Simply undressed and smiled
When you started molding what you call my cold heart?

Dare I remind you of that day
That my mum lost her husband
And you took all she had left
And laughed on her cries
With no care in the world?

I will remind you of when
She turned to you for help
When I lay helpless in the hospital bed
And all you said was that I
Would soon go after her husband?

I will remind you
For every deed you did
I scribbled in my little heart
And you will not erase
With your small cold talk

Life took a turn now
And as you were cold then
So I will be cold
I will watch whatever
Illness that you got suck
Every bit of life
That you have in your cold heart
Until you wither away to a grave
For coldness you sow
And coldness you shall reap