All my heart, feelings and my eyes I admit that I love you very much
Like a fool I smile at your memories and when you appear I can’t control myself
Fond and stupid together, smiling, traveling.. Isn’t this love?
I am blind to your faults
Deaf to any advice given
Only you whose opinion matters..
Isn’t everybody else just but jealous?
You advance for my innocence
Heartless, pitiless not an ounce of guilt on how much trust I invested in you
Because to you am I not just another prey?
Isn’t mine just another body??
Grateful to you I am though because with the same hands that caressed me, you shamelessly raised against me
Thankful because you opened my eyes that I was just one of your conquests that succumbed to your charms and melted to your faked attention, devoured and broken,
Left for the trash because as you said, mine was just another body.
Why are you back now??
What changed of this just another body?
Your crocodile tears evoke no emotion in me
For in the hard way you taught me that mine is not just another body.