Dependent personality disorder

Have you met that person who can’t make a choice on what yoghurt flavor they like or what dress to pick or which color they like most without seeking anybody’s opinion? Well, don’t be surprised.
Individuals with dependent personality disorder are very reliant on others and no single decision can they make on their own. It’s a disorder mainly found in women but studies show that it is also found in some men.
Such people are very sensitive to correction and no matter how lightly one tries to frame a correction, it will affect them. It is easier for these people to stand abuse than to stand up against a partner because of their immense fear of losing a relationship.
Such people will just watch you make the wrong decisions and never utter a single word.
When such a person wishes for something that they think friends or partners or even parents will not appreciate, they will simply let go of the wish.
They are very submissive and have a seething need for affection and will always irritate you on how much of your attention they want.
They are uncompetitive and very timid.
One may wonder what causes this type of disorder.
DPD is a result of maybe deficient physical stature or health status like very thin people or very fat people. They feel a sense of security by depending on others.
Parental over protection may cause this disorder because it inhibits natural formation of interpersonal competence.
People who feel that they are not beautiful enough or that they aren’t bright enough may also develop the disorder especially if it started in early childhood.
Individuals who exhibit the characteristics of this disorder are usually taken to therapy where they engage in several exercises on being assertive.
So next time you meet such an individual you know what is wrong with them!!!!!!

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