God you gotta help me

As she walked from her son’s school thoughts were heavy on her. She couldn’t picture her son’s education cut short at such a tender age. Where would he go? What would he do to earn a livelihood? Where would he play with other kids, make fool of himself and laugh about it later?? She had many questions to God and when she cried out all she could come up with was a very bitter prayer to God.
‘ you have no option of not helping me God. It is you to who all silver and gold belong to. If you don’t help me then I will know you are not God ‘
Her son was still behind her quiet not understanding why his mother went to school to pay fee and he had to go back home with her.
‘ this is just too little mum. Just take him with you, find twice this amount then bring him back ‘ the principal had said sending her out without hearing her out.
She knew her son was right behind her but she couldn’t bring herself to turn to him. She didn’t understand why God was taking so long to intervene. He had promised that he was father to the fatherless, a husband to her who had just lost her husband; her better half, father to her eight very young children who still asked her when daddy would be home. As they drew closer home, the angrier she got. She was going home to a grave and not the warm welcome of him, to a bunch of innocent kids who had no understanding of how wrong everything was and who depended solely on her. To kids who didn’t understand that they would have to cope with life without a father. Thoughts had her mind occupied that she didn’t realize that she was home.
The shouts of her kids happy that their mum was back home and that she hadn’t left their brother in school brought her back to reality. She smiled at them to hide her tears and told them she had a headache. She got into her room and closed her door and picked her Bible. As she perused through it aimlessly, she finally heard from God.
‘ Look into the hospitals and give thanks for you are healthy. Look into the streets and see the total orphans in it and all the homeless who have no hope for a future and give thanks. For they are all the work of my hands. ‘
She went down on her knees, asked for forgiveness and gave thanks for all she had. She had everything to be grateful for and gratitude replaced anger and pain. She felt in peace for once in a long time.

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