The job seeking job

I am leaving school soon and all that my mind can think of is how to get a job and most of the time I spend looking at job sites. I can’t help note that all the employers want experience and I just wonder where they want all the fresh graduates to go to. Sometime back I almost nailed a job but didn’t qualify due to lack of experience and you can only imagine how frustrated I was. In Nairobi where all of us brought up in the village want to find jobs can no longer accommodate us. Job creation and self employment is the best initiative but still capital is lacking and practical business skills. Life is becoming harder and I can’t stop sympathizing with all those mothers who are waiting for their learned kids to graduate come December so that they can get support. Though just like any other person who has been in school, I can’t help but hope all is going to be well


6 Replies to “The job seeking job”

      1. ask for the job before u print ua CV… if they tell to go get write the letter and they will consinder u incase of a vaccancy….. never get bak there, if there is a job they will tell u sth better…


  1. Well, I can only say that it mirrors the Ghanaian situation. What happens here therefore is that everyone is fighting hard to enter the professional fields that have cut out jobs: i.e nursing, medicine, law, teaching (even that is becoming a problem) . Sometimes the experience thing can be covered with internships and attachments; but it seems our firms in Africa don’t value that as they do in the advanced world. Job creation? In Africa? Sorry, I don’t know what that means.


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