Cancer and kids

My friend dragged me to a meeting in one of the club meetings in campus and I found myself off to visit sick kids in one of the biggest hospitals in Kenya.
My fast thought of kids who are sick was that of sad little faces but how wrong I was. Our leader introduced us at the ward entrance and smiling pretty faces were all over us and we couldn’t march up their optimism and we may never do. Apart from the really weak ones who came out with seats and who requested to sit on our laps, the rest were just hard to control. One particular girl had all my attention. She wanted to color every piece of paper I had.. wanted me to ran after her. She laughed like an angel. So beautiful.; She taught me how to make a boat and I made a paper flower and put it on her ear and it was supported by her marvin. I did take several photos of her and told her that all was gonna be well. ‘ I want to go home. And I want to have hair’ She suddenly said that looking so sad and vulnerable. ‘ I hope that will happen soon dear. Tell me about home.. Do you have a beautiful sister like you’ I asked her to and she started chattering nonstop about her younger sister forgetting the sad mood she was in. Hours flew by and it was time to go back to school and I hugged her bye.
‘I promise I will eat well and be out of here soon’ she told me waving at me happily.
‘ What is wrong with Yvonne?’ I asked the group leader as we walked out.
‘She has leukemia’ the answer came barely audible.
Everything else was a blur. I got to my room, locked it and just cried.


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